A private project for an independent advertising agency established over 25 years ago requiring a new space which not only identified with the collaborative and dynamic essence of the agency but one flexible enough to allow the agency to continuously re-shape its needs as new projects required. As an agency that specifically promotes strategy-driven creativity and collaboration with a cross-disciplinary local team, and one which offers in-house integrated communication services – a full-proof approach product- to their client’s needs, the designs focus on three main elements: context, agency diverse team and programmatic dynamics.

A central raised platform orchestrates and organizes the six programmatic divisions on and around it. The platform transforms into wide stands ascending towards a floating mezzanine. The stands are the visual focal point perceived from the agency’s entrance, they are used as everyday casual working areas , break time area, and amphitheater for presentations. The programmatic areas include Media, Accounts, and Trafico divisions organized along a continuous curved surface which contrasts with the octagonal geometry of the bordered platform. At the mezzanine the open area for the bar and casual meetings mediates between the main conference room which looks back into the agency, and smaller collaborative rooms for brainstorming or informal meetings.