The original building, constructed around 1880, was initially under the custody of the Jesuit religious order used for a school for boys called Instituto-Colegio, also known as Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola. The structure is a two story colonial style courtyard building which measures 54.50 meters by 57.50 meters, built out of brick walls and stucco. Two ample stairs provide access to the second level. The ground level has a gallery of arches and columns around the patio and used to have the school communal departments and chapel. The second level has a wide hallway facing the courtyard and used to have the classrooms and all services for the interns. The historic structure will be rehabilitated for mix use development becoming the cultural connection with the district.  Additional structures towards the east and west of the building are proposed for elderly housing, rent market and private condos integrated with commercial use that will enable different age groups to come back and live in the city.