Ciudadela is a large mixed-use project in metropolitan San Juan, Puerto Rico. Beautiful and comfortable living spaces nest atop lively storefronts, offering luxury and convenience FOR residents of Ciudadela and FOR the surrounding community



This development is located on a 244,685 sq.ft. urban site, and comprises several lots; the resulting block is confined to the north by the Antonsanti St., to the south by the Ponce de León Ave., to the east by the del Parque St., and to the west by the “Stop 22” building. The irregular site allows for direct access from three streets, lending permeability to the project and encouraging enhanced connectivity with its urban surroundings.

From inception to its current – and final – phase of contruction, our team has committed to the sustainability of this project. Several design strategies have been implemented to reduce energy and water consumption, and we have taken extended care in specifying the use of materials with low VOC levels. Conscious building practices encourage connectivity and liveliness in our communities, and are an integral part of our firm’s philosophy.